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Desktop as a Service

Over the past few weeks, the COVID-19/Coronavirus situation has become more serious. The world is currently facing an unprecedented challenge to ensure that economies continue to function as efficiently as possible. Businesses are definitely affected by the global lockdowns, restricted movement and other restrictions. The lockdowns and restricted movements in most parts of the world have made it […]


Yes you can run Lumion on Auxilio. If you have a Windows 10 OS or any other version, Auxilio works for you. Auxilio’s GPU-powered DaaS – Desktop as a Service – gives you the most affordable high powered GPU machine you could find out there. It’s an extraordinary tool for creators and come with free […]

Machine Learning for Nonprofits – Why It’s Important

machine learning for nonprofits

What comes to mind when I say “Machine Learning”? Some people think about numbers. Some think about job security. Some think about this guy: Whatever the thought was, undoubtedly, something crossed your mind when we brought up the term. So we thought it would be a good opportunity to dive into what machine learning actually […]