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Don’t you just wish sometimes that there was a solution to play games on a powerful PC online but not give all your data to giant corporations?

We got a hint for you: use Moonlight for cloud gaming. All you need is an Nvidia account (but you already have a GPU so that and you can play from anywhere – on your PC or on cloud gaming providers.

The tool is open source and you can find out more about then on their GitHub page

What does Moonlight do?

Moonlight allows its users to stream their games and apps to another client device on their Internet or network. They can therefore play their beloved games on their TV, PC, tablet or even mobile phones by using Moonlight.

Moonlight streams the games using the GameStream app from Nvidia (which is PC compatible) on your network or Internet and having a simple client app installed on your laptop. After the initial pairing takes place, it will show multiple apps to stream from your computer. Nevertheless, you can add no matter what types of apps to the list through GeForce Experience. The input of mouse, controller, keyboard is being sent from the Moonlight client directly to the computer.

To fully take advantage of Moonlight, you will need a mid to high-end router with a strong connection to the Moonlight client device (5GHz are preferred). Moreover, you will need a great connection from the PC to the router, too.

How to use Moonlight

Here are the steps you have to take in order to use Moonlight.

  1. Install the app from GitHub on your gaming machine, at home or in the cloud.

2. Install the client on your laptop from this link

Download both of them from here:

You can also use Moonlight on your mobile phone as they have a version for Android and iOS as well but we’ll not cover mobile gaming here.

Why should you use Moonlight?

First of all you can play any super high end game on max resolution and details on any old laptop – or a low powered one. All the processing is done on the remote machine, in the cloud.

Second, you get faster framerates, up to 60 FPS at 4k. You’ll never be able to play using a protocol like remote desktop which is not created for this. If you are worried regarding lags (as all of us are), then Moonlight is definitely for you.

There is no proprietary tool that will harvest your data or try to lock you in their ecosystem. If you want, you can build Moonlight from source.

May you be in your room or miles away from your usual location, you are still free to play from anywhere you wish.

Other benefits

Don’t you simply hate being profiled by gaming companies? What is more, you are harvested for your data and that’s happening for free. The way these things happen is just like in the search engines’ case: they take your data and create a profile from your search history, shopping behaviour and basically everything you do online (and, sometimes, offline). These apps register all the games you play so that they can recommend you more games to buy and they do know what you enjoy playing, what’s your shopping behaviour. Basically, everything regarding your gamer life.

What if we told you there’s a way of putting an end to all of this? If you want to stop this process in your scenario, then you should definitely try Moonlight, which is the open source resource that more people should know about.

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