Desktop as a Service

Over the past few weeks, the COVID-19/Coronavirus situation has become more serious. The world is currently facing an unprecedented challenge to ensure that economies continue to function as efficiently as possible. Businesses are definitely affected by the global lockdowns, restricted movement and other restrictions. The lockdowns and restricted movements in most parts of the world have made it difficult for employees to report to work. Many are now being asked to do remote work. Companies that have begun to embrace technologies and build competencies in digital transformation are more able meet changing needs. While some industries adapt more easily to remote working environments, others find it more difficult to do so.

Good news: Remote working is now possible with smart connected devices and cloud infrastructure. Virtual desktops let employees access their office desktops from any device and anywhere they are. These ‘cloud-desktops’ can be used remotely for training and remote work. Windows or Linux workspaces can be provisioned quickly with the necessary packages and scale quickly. AWS Workspaces as well as Windows Virtual Desktops are the two most prominent Desktop-as a Service offerings. Citrix Managed Desktops is another notable provider in this space. VMWare Horizon Cloud and Cloudalize DaaS are also available. Auxilio’s Cloud Desktops are though the most cost effective solution for high performance Cloud Desktops. What is Desktop as a a Service (DaaS). Desktop as an Service (DaaS), or cloud computing virtualization, enables businesses and individuals to deliver cloud-hosted virtual Desktops to any device, anywhere.

DaaS – Hosted Desktops

DaaS offers complete hosted desktops, including email and applications that are delivered securely over the internet. DaaS makes it easy to deliver desktops. Users can get a responsive desktop from their choice, which they can access anytime and anywhere. DaaS acts as a VDI or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, but is hosted on the cloud. DaaS is a secure virtual desktop service that promotes collaboration among employees. Desktop as a Service – Enhanced Security Data security has always been a priority for businesses. Therefore, most companies make it a point to implement strict employee desktop management strategies. These strategies allow employees to have complete control over their computer and data access. DaaS providers do away with local storage, so there is no risk of data theft. AWS WorkSpaces include a virtual private network (VPC), which gives users encrypted and secured access to AWS cloud volumes. Accessibility DaaS may be accessed on any device that has an internet connection. This includes all devices with Windows, Linux, Android and iOS. Employees can access their desktop securely from any device. Lower Operating Costs With DaaS you can reduce the capital expenditure (CapEx), and the operational expenses (OpEx) for deploying, maintaining, and operating each virtual desktop.

Additionally, cloud desktops can be purchased only when they are launched. This allows you to save money over traditional desktops and VDI solutions. DaaS Providers can provide you with on-demand access and a range storage, memory, computing, and compute resources to help your employees. Improved Business continuity. As uncertainty increases, so does the need to implement business continuity plans. DaaS makes it easy to implement business continuity strategies in the current environment, where employees’ physical presence can be difficult. It increases corporate agility, responsiveness, and flexibility in dealing with rapidly changing business environments. Because the data is stored in-cloud, disaster recovery can be made easier. Auxilio can run your Cloud Desktop directly from the cloud. This means you won’t need to keep up with local servers. You can stop giving expensive laptop and desktop computers to your users. They are hard to maintain and costly to replace. The cloud-solution has all the power and can be delivered directly to almost any device.

Lower Costs

Overall, you can lower your TCO per end user as well as speed up IT-delivery times and decrease support calls. It will reduce the time it takes to get IT-support or the slow troubleshooting for random hardware. These are both factors that can limit your productivity. Cloud Desktop instantly delivers a brand new desktop to a user within minutes. Problem solved! This is the solution! Cloud Desktop is a Service provides the same Windows desktop experience as before, but from a central and secure cloud-solution. This allows users to access any computer.

They will have the tools and software they need to accomplish their work. This also means you will have greater control over who gets what, and where the files and data are kept. All-in-one 3D performance It’s all done without the need to copy, move, or email files back-and-forth. Cloud Desktops have powerful 3D capabilities by using the NVidia RTX 6000 GPU that will allow all of your specialist’s devices to draw and model – regardless of where they are located.

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