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There’s no doubt that the USA is the leader when it comes to economy, education and technology. However, even after COVID has almost destroyed the world’s economy, China, the first affected country, seems to recover quickly. Its power is growing, and fast. More of the world’s 500 supercomputers were owned by China, and that’s just the last year. What will happen in 2021 and in the future? Stay tuned to find out!

First of all, the countries that don’t use AI at all or use it only at a small scale risk their economy. That’s because technology evolves and the Earth changes. Therefore, it’s normal that the ones who can’t keep up will fall behind and will be left there.

Studies were conducted and studies show that the US is still the leader, but China is going to overcome it soon. The third place was given to the European Union. Moreover, studies show that the start-ups, development funding and research are mostly developed in the US.

Supercomputers and research papers


Nevertheless, China isn’t far behind and sometimes it’s far above. It had the world’s most supercomputers: 214. Compared to the USA, which had 113, this is a huge difference. Moreover, the European Union only had 91. 

As AI has become the priority for the Chinese government, nobody can know what will happen if they will keep maintaining this score. Countries from all over the world need to pay attention and to keep their standards high in order not to fall behind and lose their economical power.

Going even further, the studies show that 24,929 AI research papers were published in China back in 2018. 20,418 research papers were published in the EU and only 16,233 in the US. This means that AI has become a top priority for the Chinese and that’s not necessarily good news for the rest of Earth’s population. However, the overall quality of the research papers are still in the USA’s hands.

The truth is that everybody needs to start investing in AI in order to become more developed. AI is the future and we need to start acknowledging this, otherwise we risk losing it all. Google, Facebook and all the social media platforms and search engines we love are built on this. Engineers and researchers are able to conduct more studies than ever before. So this part of technology development is really important. We can’t afford losing it, in other words, or we will lose everything we’ve been fighting for.

To sum up

In conclusion, everybody’s worried about China overtaking the world, not only in AI matters, but also economically. While the USA is still the leader, nobody can predict what will happen in the future. Reports were and will be conducted in order to stay alert. However, one thing is certain: if the EU and USA want not to be left behind, they need to start investing even more in technology. Otherwise, they will lose the game.

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