Stress Relief During Pandemy


There’s no easy way of saying this, but someone’s got to. The world has changed, and for the worse. Since the COVID has appeared, nothing is the same. We can say goodbye for now to the life that we used to know. The social distance is becoming worse, people are becoming colder. Moreover, human interaction has almost disappeared. How do you survive in this crazy period without going completely mad? The answer is pretty simple: by making the most out of your time. So, whether you never played games or you are already advanced into this gaming world, you can keep your sanity by playing games over and over.

The truth is that nobody likes this situation. A lot of industries have gone down, nobody’s happy anymore. If people were depressed before, their depression has accentuated in most cases. Depending on the country you’re living in, the quarantine is milder or even worse. So it’s the perfect time to learn a skill, a fun one.

By playing games, you will not only develop your creative part of the brain, but also the logical skills and reflexes.

On the other hand, you can encourage your partner and/ or kids to play games with you, too. This could greatly benefit them, too. So don’t keep all the good games for yourself. Sharing is caring, after all.  

family playing

Why should you play games?

Besides being fun to play, games are entertaining and they help you stop being stressed over everything. When you win a battle in a game, for example, some substances are released in your brain, the “award” part. However, games don’t have to be addictive, in other words, you will not lose days and nights over a game.

Moreover, you can join a community of gamers so you will not feel alone anymore. Humans are social beings, after all, and they need to be a part of something, anything. That’s when online communities come in handy. More than being a place where you discover tips & tricks to play games, you can also discover there a brand new world, unknown to you before.

Overall, gaming improves the wellbeing of those who know how to make a balance between the social, gaming and working life. Everyone needs to have some time for themselves from time to time, isn’t it so?

The joys of gaming

The very first advantage of playing video games is that they help you make better decisions. The more you play, the more you train your brain into adapting to different situations.

Games also help you become more social and help you develop a team spirit. That’s because if you pay PVP games you will automatically become more oriented towards helping your team and talking to them to defeat the enemies.

The very third reason would be that you can bring your partner into the online world and play with them. This will not only make your bound stronger, as both of you will be “working” for a common goal, but the game will also be more fun. You can play together as a couple and as a team, which develops the communication between you two.

How to start – Choosing your “weapon”

The first step of playing a game is to choose your “weapon”, in other words, your playing device. Will it be the PC, laptop, tablet or your mobile phone? Which one will be the chosen one?

Even though mobile phones are amazing ways of starting playing, we have to say that only the basic games can be played there and you don’t have all the control over your character, a control which you would definitely have if you chose to play on a PC or laptop. However, that’s a good start, too.


Choosing your “destiny”

And by destiny we mean the game you’re going to play. Which is the one that best suits your personality? Are you a warrior or do you enjoy building houses? 

There are many types of games available on the market, for all the types of personality. Basically, it’s almost impossible not to find a game that you would definitely enjoy.

If you are more of a warrior, you should try Diablo or anything that is MVP or PVP. MVP means Monsters versus Players and PVP stands for player versus player.

Nevertheless, there are in-between games, which mix the two. You can either play online or play offline and only beat monsters. Regardless of your choice, both versions are fun and you should test them both to see which one you enjoy better.

Don’t forget that you can bring your friends in the online world, too. You may not be connected physically, but mentally you are going places. Again, sharing is caring. Therefore, you can play online with your friends group games and form the best groups that will conquer the world!


Last but not least

While all of this seems a lot of fun, there’s only one more problem: if you choose to play games which your PC can’t support, there’s going to be a problem. Actually, multiple problems. That’s when you should check the requirements and see if your PC qualifies for them.

In the case that your PC isn’t made for gaming, freezes or goes too hot, you should find a GPU server that will allow you to play peacefully. The advantage of this service is that you can play as long as you want, you get all the high quality (audio and video) that you want and you can finally enjoy your game.

How we can help you

We aim to help people from all over the world become more active in their own lives, take control and actually “enjoy the ride”. That’s why we put at your disposal a cloud where you can play the games you want, for free. You come with the idea, we come with the technology to help you eliminate the stressful situations in your life.

Change the perspective

By changing your routine, you change your life, step by step. Choose to do something that brings you joy in this period of uncertainty. Auxilio wants to help you get over these times we’re all living in and create a better world. Sign up now and you will receive more resources about how to deal with the pandemics. Far from spamming you, we will really bring a sparkle of joy in your darkest hours.

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